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AFPI Established in 2004 Head quartered in India is one of the leading Aluminium alloy forgings Manufacturers.The Asha Forgings Equipped with 3.15T Pneumatic Open die forging hammer with all necessary Equipment. The Asha Forging Metallurgists will partner with you to develop forgings with such characteristics as high strength, Corrosion resistance. You will maximize your critical part performance. Specialize in wide range of all Non-ferrous alloys specialists in manufacturing of Aluminium Alloy Forgings.
Talking today, toughest  metallurgical  challenges. AFPI is an industry leader in creating performance critical Open Die Forgings for the defence and space General Engineering applications. AFPL has a high level technical expertise, combined with complete vertical integration and deep process ability allows us to work smarter.
ASPL's continuous improvement program is proudly committed to providing the best Engineering Product and World class services, timely and cost effectively to promote performance in support of our customer's continued success. Our proficiency proactive management program eliminates unnecessary costs and expedites time to market ASPI team's highly skilled Engineer's leverages advanced forging techniques to ensure smoother and more successful new product development. AFPL's unwavering commitment to quality control and operational excellence is a driving force behind everything we do. We are proud of our actions that reflect our fulfilment of promise to our customers.

This built quality approach couples with traceability at every stage of production process, ensures forged component to arrive on time and to the quality standard ordered. By maintaining the highest standards for quality and employing Industry leading compliance program, AFPL's attention to outstanding quality and quality control systems delivered everything we do from the interaction with customers, to our manufacturing & teat. Ongoing process of improvement programs ensures AFPL to maintain highest Reputation Standards.

AFPL's unwavering commitment to quality control and operational excellence is a driving force behind everything we do. We are proud of our actions that reflect our fulfilment of promise to our customers. By offering the wide range of Destructive & Non Destructive testing services, we can ensure compliance to the most of demanding industry specifications. All our testing equipment are duly calibrated as per Internationsal Standards and Qualified ASNT Level III, Level II certificate holders.  We carry various regular in house tests and test reports for every component manufactured at AFPL. Chemical, Macro Etch. Ultrasonic, Hardness, Tensile, Mettalurgical, Grain Size, Fracture Toughness, Stress Corrosion Cracking.

Our Vision
AFPL performs ' Customers Succeed ' Together we Grow!
Our Mission
We are an internationall "preferred" forged solution provider specializing in "performance critical" components for the Aerospace, Defense and Energy Markets. We empower our employees to provide world class service to our esteemed customers and value to our shareholders by excelling in:
On time delivery of High Quality Product
Relentless Dedication to Continuous Improvement
Technical Excellence Process Control & New Product Introduction.

Constitution :-

Private Limited
Name of thePromoters:-
M.Ravi Kumar, B.E ( Mech.)

Managing Director

Mobile No : 98496 08954


Nature of Operations:-
Open Dye Forgings
Land & Building :-
Land :-  1200 Sq.Mtrs

Building:- 800 Sq.Mtrs
Bank Name & Address:-
HDFC Bank, AS Rao Nager Branch,Hyderabad
Technical :-

Manager :- 2 Persons

Production Engineers:- 4 Persons

Quality Engineers :- 4 Persons

Adminstration :- 3 Persons

Skilled Workers :- 5 Persons

Unskilled Workers 15 Persons

No of working Shifts : 2
Details of Products
Shafts, Flanges, Rings, Tubes, Discs & shaped items.
Products Manufactured        
As per customer's specific requirement of Grades & sizes
Source of Raw Material

Details of test facilities :- Enclosed

Third Party Inspection :- Llyods/BV/EIL/MSQAA/IBR

Quality System :- ISO 9001:2008

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