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Asha forging Specialty Alloy Services team can meet your demands for aluminum forgings in every imaginable form, including rings, Long tube forgings, Flats , bars, and unusual shapes virtually impossible to obtain elsewhere. Plus, shapes are available in any size-including larger forgings up to 1000 kgs. Asha forging provides aluminum forging solutions to numerous industries, including:Aerospace , (structural components) Defense/Military. Asha forging maintains an extensive inventory of aluminum grades. Our specialists will work with you to find the grades that meet your specificationsOur metallurgists will partner with you to develop forgings with such characteristics as high strength, corrosion resistance, and high conductivity. You'll maximize your critical part performance, while achieving production cost efficiencies that are unattainable by other methods

Equipped with 3.15Ton Russin Hammer and High accuracy furnaces &equipments

Facility devoted to  all aluminium hard alloys& Copper , Brass , Bronze , Silver alloy forgings

Available all aluminium  alloys  2014,2219,6351,6061,7075,7020,5083,etc

HT conditions available T6/WP/T652/T7352/T852

Successfully forged &heat treated  2195 - Aluminium Lithium  Alloy Forging(First time in india)

Available all shapes Rings, Rods, Blanks , Squares, Plates, Specialists in long tube forging

No minimum Quantity, No size restriction

Best Quality product in shortest delivery period

Best Metallurgical Structurers in aluminium alloys

All materials available in ultrasonically, Mechanically, Metulargically tested condition

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